Pato Valentin

Patricia Valentín was born in Lobos, Buenos Aires Province, in 1971.


Her hometown is located at 100 km from the Capital, and it is a small city surrounded by fields and infinite horizons, typical of the Pampas plains.


From a very young age, she felt attracted to drawing and painting, and absorbed her surroundings: nature itself, the reproductions of works from the “encyclopedias of Art“ and the popular images that decorated the houses of her relatives at that time. These elements were recorded in her emotional memory. Her interest and passion for Art took shape when she entered the Faculty of Fine Arts, and began to frequent different artist workshops.


From then on, her passion for Art has been complemented by her teaching vocation. She defines herself as artist and teacher.


In 2003, she created a cultural space, “El Galpón, artemás”, where every week more than 120 people assist, finding a place for production, reflection and experimentation on artistic practices.


In each of her pictorial stages, the landscape appears with different aesthetics and meanings. From the “naive” style in the beginnings to her latest productions, where there is search of limits with abstraction. This landscape always contains warning signs regarding her concern about the dangerous deterioration that our habitat suffers as a result of human actions.


Her place in the world by choice is her house in Azul, in the garden she designed and cares for together with her family. Surrounded by flower beds, trees and shrubs, she spends long hours immersed in the pictorial experience. Layer after layer, she alternates materials and techniques, combining a playful mode with moments when painting becomes a meditation.


She is currently working on a series of works where the search for beauty is at the exact point between abstraction and the recognizable world. The observer is struck by the set of color palettes that refer to images of the past, to lived memories that connect fluidly with the here and now.


Pato Valentín recognizes artists she admires and inspire her journey, among them: Cezanne; the Pakistani artist Shahzia Sikander; the German artist, Stefan Heyer; the American Joan Mitchell; the Indonesian Christine Ay Tjoe; and the Argentine artists, Hernan Salamanco and Max Gómez Canle.


A vast amount of works are the result of sustained work over time with discipline and passion, works that have been acquired in the different exhibitions made by the artist. Many of them were sold abroad in their repeated participation in the TIAF in Toronto, Canada. Noteworthy among the achievements was the acquisition of the First Prize in ARTE Ba, in 1998, given by the Banco de la Provincia de Buenos Aires Foundation.

Pato Valentin nació en Lobos, provincia de Buenos Aires de la Argentina. Una ciudad pequeña rodeada de campos y horizontes infinitos.


Desde muy chica se ha sentido atraída por el dibujo y la pintura, absorbiendo lo que el entorno le proporcionaba, la naturaleza misma, las reproducciones de obras de las “enciclopedias de Arte”, las imágenes populares que decoraban las casas de sus allegados en aquella época. Estos elementos quedaron grabados en su memoria emotiva.


Su interés y pasión por el Arte, se afianzaron y tomaron forma al ingresar a la Facultad de Bellas Artes, y comenzar a frecuentar talleres de artistas. A partir de entonces su pasión por el Arte se complementa con su vocación docente. Artista y profesora, así se define hasta hoy.


La obra de Pato Valentin ha pasado por varias etapas, pero siempre están presentes esos fragmentarios recuerdos del paisaje y las representaciones del mismo que la desafían a indagar los límites entre la figuración y la abstracción. Ese preciso instante en que los recuerdos que llegan a nuestra mente nítidos y claros por fracciones de segundo pero que inmediatamente se diluyen…desaparecen. Y se pregunta ¿Cuánto de la esencia del hoy, se mantendrá intacta en el recuerdo del mañana?


Pato Valentin obtuvo participó de numerosas exposiciones y ferias, entre ellas cabe destacar su participación en la TIAF, Toronto. Canadá. También obtuvo premios y menciones en diferentes concursos, entre los cuales podemos destacar en el 1º Premio adquisición otorgado por el Museo A. Jauretche en el marco de la feria Arte BA, en 1998.


Hoy, la artista vive y trabaja en la ciudad de Azul, a 300 km de la Capital, rodeada de su jardín por ella diseñado y cuidado, junto a su familia. Allí ha encontrado su “lugar en el mundo”.